We work with individuals, NGOs and SMEs to increase their impact and numbers.

Why Outsource To Us

We believe collaboration is key to development and as such we go all in to satisfy our clients to achieve defined objectives. Why we believe we are your guy:

  • Your problem is treated uniquely to give you quality solution
  • You save quality time and resources in getting a solution
  • You get quick delivery and great support service
  • Your support and trust goes on to help young dreamers
  • You get flexibility in developing your solution
  • You get a good team to support you

Who we are

Blackman Legacy is currently a fully remote startup software company based in Accra, Ghana. We have been legally registered with the Registrar General of Ghana to start operations since July 2020.

As the world keeps growing with technology and ideologies, individuals and businesses especially SMEs must develop themselves to meet this rapid growth. The failure of these individuals and SMEs to catch up with the rest of the world always bring tremendous blow to some communities.

Blackman Legacy believes that the negative impact on these communities should be addressed and fixed by all. For us to contribute to the solution, we software services that are tailored to the customers’ unique problems.

* web applications
* mobile applications
* websites
* user experience & interface design

As part of our social services to the direct communities, we collaborate with other partners to help individuals find purpose through their talents, education, and passion.

We are currently made up of 6 brilliant minds who have adopted quality and good relationship as the basis of their work. Blackman Legacy seeks to improve the impact of technology on the African communities and such we are adopting some aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 4, Goal 5, Goal 8, Goal 11 and Goal 17) to help shape and live our vision.

We believe in Trust, Respect, Quality, Fun, Integrity, Professionalism, and Sustainability.

Our Vision

To make technology a necessary tool easily understood and accessible and use by organizations, communities, and individuals for development across Africa

Our Mission

To partner and help focused individuals and organizations to develop effective and sustainable communities through ICT solutions.

Our Goal

To increase local collaborations and develop young African talents in the area of ICT for community sustainability.


Our Services

We spend our time doing what we do best for our world changers.

Websites & Web Application

We empower our clients with world standard web applications tailored using PHP, MYSQL, Python, MongoDB, React, VueJS to suit, simplify and ease complex business process and day-to-day activities.

Mobile Applications

Our expert team can help deliver customized, secure, and robust native Android, cross platform and integration applications that help you meet your business objectives. Our go-to for all our cross-platform application is Flutter.

UI / UX Design

Our creative team is ready to help create products (Mobile & Web) that will bring best experience, comfort and easy-to-us to users. We understand the importance for businesses wanting to engage and establish the best relationship between the product and the user.

IT Consultancy & Research

Yes, you have a business or software idea. You believe it will be a success and we believe that with you. But our research team is available offer you in-depth information on how well your idea will thrive on the market.

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